It is unfortunate that most companies like Legit Online Jobs are misleading. They make you think that you are going to just make all this money with very little work which is the farthest thing from the truth. I mean, everything takes work.
Even working at MacDonalds takes work and that's the lowest paying job on the planet. And that's not to put any one down.
I give props for anyone that works hard for their money. However, you have to use your common sense when signing up for a program like this. No matter what they tell you.
I'm not saying you can't make money with the program, I just think they should be more clear and tell you that you are not going to make
$200 a day starting tomorrow. That's ridiculous. Now I was curious myself about these types of programs so I went ahead and signed up with a few and this is what I found with Legit Online Jobs. This company's members area is well organized and offers a lot of work from home jobs aside from the data entry program which is what they are offering training for. However, the training they give is not at all what I expected. The directions are very vague and they do not offer a lot of techniques to use like some of the other programs out there. They mainly gear towards a system called Google Adwords which can cost you a bundle if you don't know what you are doing. I thought this was quite ridiculous that Legit Online Jobs would expect a total newbie to understand this and to risk losing their wallets on such a system.

Google Adwords is in my opinion, meant more for intermediate to advanced users and even they would have a hard time with it. So I was very disappointed with there techniques provided to say the least.

Legit Online Jobs has the idea and could be a terrific program if only they would provide more free options in their members area to promote products and explain them like their talking to a 5 year old, because a lot of people really have no idea about affiliate marketing which is what this program is really all about.

If I were to grade Legit Online jobs I would give them a D-. If I were to take a guess I would say only about 5% of the people that sign up for their program will actually become successful at it and that's only if they already got there feet wet with this type of work before hand.

I would not recommend Legit Online Jobs. They still have a lot of work to do in order to make the program worth 50 bucks if you ask me.
Now if you are truly interested in doing data entry like this I would recommend a company I came across awhile back called Typist Jobs.
They have an excellent training program and their tools, tutorials and resources are definitely more geared towards newbies and
you don't have to worry about investing in Google Adwords. At least not unless you want to. They offer several free ways and unique techniques to promote products and also alternatively low cost ones as well. Very worth the small fee of $49.

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Sharing reviews and business ideas for people interested on making a living online. For a recommended data entry job Check out Typist Jobs.

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Online Business Opportunity

Karnataka is the best place for IT Jobs, Textile Manufactuing job, Silk exports, Instant Stick manufacturing and more. Karnataka is also having mining production organisations like Gold, Silver, Platinum and all other metals to make more jobs and expectations in future. Mining is the major coverage in job opportunity for people who is having skill in mining process. I like to visit Karnataka state to get more and more enjoyable place with my friends so that the Tourism also having more feature for job opportunity.
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Mangalore is the nice Sea Port for making more Export business from Karnataka. They are having vessel operations to Dubai and Europe Sectors. Managalore is the small port but it will be improving their capacity of the Export and Import Quantity in last year. Now they are concetrating to boost their port activities to get more Export and Import Business in coming years through Karnataka State. Most of the Shipping Lines also open their office in Mangalore to get more business inquiry now.
Belgaum is the next biggest Business place in Karnataka. Belgaum also the nice to city to get more business opportunity for the people wants to do business in the right environment. Belgaum is the another Corporation City like Bangalore to have more factories and Organizations for making more business in Karnataka people are getting more jobs opportunity in belgaum.
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Part Time jobs Online solution is verymuch different from all other states and Pondicherry because Pondicherry on because of the facility and environmental condition in Pondicherry. Pondicherry is having four place in three states and it is having more coverage of place in Tamil Nadu called us Pondicherry and Karaikkal. Yenam is placed in Telugu District is situated in Andhra Pradesh. Mahe is placed in Kerala is the nice place like Kerala Tourism. Pondicherry and Karaikal people are speaking in Tamil. Yenam people are speaking in Telugu and Mahe people are speaking in Malayalam but they all are having one Government is under Pondicherry.

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Kerala's Sabarimala tourism is another option for the people who is interested in driving a car to get more income in the Sabarimala Iyyappan Temple Opening season. Normally, Iyyappan Temple are opening in December and January but now they are opening the temple in every month in certain dates for pooja purpose. This is also the Opportunity for the tourism related people's. Guruvayur, Kottayam, Palakkad, Chottanikara Amman Temple, are other tourism place for the Tourist people.
Kerala is having Two Airports One is Trivandrum and Kochi to export their commodities. Kochi is having seaport also todo the shipments from Kerala through this port. Export and Import is another job opportunity for the job seekers in kerala because Kerala also having more Export and Import companies in Trichur, Kannur, Kochi and Trivandrum like Garments, madeups manufacturers, Oil companies, Coconut bits Exports and more.