Karnataka is the best place for IT Jobs, Textile Manufactuing job, Silk exports, Instant Stick manufacturing and more. Karnataka is also having mining production organisations like Gold, Silver, Platinum and all other metals to make more jobs and expectations in future. Mining is the major coverage in job opportunity for people who is having skill in mining process. I like to visit Karnataka state to get more and more enjoyable place with my friends so that the Tourism also having more feature for job opportunity.
Bangalore and Mysore both convincing for Tourism places to get more places for making more enjoyable and spending more time. Because all the places are having nice environmental situation and very cool in summer season also. Especially Bangalore is very nice environmental situation for Tourism. Many of the people wants to go Bangalore oftenly for making fun and entertainemnt with the nice environment.
Mangalore is the nice Sea Port for making more Export business from Karnataka. They are having vessel operations to Dubai and Europe Sectors. Managalore is the small port but it will be improving their capacity of the Export and Import Quantity in last year. Now they are concetrating to boost their port activities to get more Export and Import Business in coming years through Karnataka State. Most of the Shipping Lines also open their office in Mangalore to get more business inquiry now.
Belgaum is the next biggest Business place in Karnataka. Belgaum also the nice to city to get more business opportunity for the people wants to do business in the right environment. Belgaum is the another Corporation City like Bangalore to have more factories and Organizations for making more business in Karnataka people are getting more jobs opportunity in belgaum.
Now, Karnataka is having online business opportunity because there is more leading online websites are having office. Google.com, Yahoo.com, Msn.com and more people are having offices in Bangalore. So the people are doing Jobs in online for making money online to do in work at home itself. They may now improve their knowledge about online jobs, Survey jobs, Doing Online Surveys, Part time jobs in online, and more.